Friday, 14th December 2018.

Keynote Presentation : Managing Legal Compliance – A immense professional challenge for the future

The shifting face of litigation in India

Panel discussion: In-House Counsel vs External lawyers: The symbiotic relationship. What in-house lawyers really want from outside counsel

Data breaching, cyber threats and privacy violations: How to avoid/minimize the risk

Upcoming trends in Technology & Innovation in Legal Industry

The evolving role of General Counsel

Strategic Insight: How strategic planning is vital for corporate counsel and organization

Strategic Insight: How to handle big data

Panel discussion: Revolutionizing to deliver supreme value for minimum spend. How it is significant to optimize an in-house strategy

How to manage contract effectively: Most wicked and tough to track among legal risks

Keynote Presentation: Technologies to improve the effectiveness of Pesticides and Herbicides

8 KPIs every legal department should achieve to ensure services are delivered in a timely manner

Outdated law and legal schools needs to be restructured